Bandit Horizontal Grinders

Horizontal Grinders

Bandit offers four towable, four self-propelled, and four electrically powered Beast recyclers / horizontal grinders. These extremely versatile machines can process everything from stumps and slash to construction waste, shingles, tires, plastic pallets and more.

Rayco Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders

Rayco Stump Cutters & Bandit Stump Grinders are designed to minimize maintenance while maximizing profits! To achieve these goals, every Bandit stump grinder features the high-performance Bandit Revolution® cutter wheel as standard equipment.

Bandit Chippers


Bandit offers eight towable and six self-propelled whole tree chipper models—more than any other manufacturer. Bandit pioneered the self-propelled market by offering the industry’s first track whole tree chipper in 1990. Disc- or drum- style chippers are available, ranging in size from 18-inch to 36-inch capacity with engines over 1000 horsepower.